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School Website Design & Developments @ 4,999/-

School Website Design & Developments

School Website Design is pioneered by some of the best and creative designers. The school website is a creative solution that describes the facilities that they provide, academics, and parents choose to include their child in their school with the ‘why should they choose-to-choose father’ Huh. So it is up to the graphic designers that they make school websites interesting.

Graphic design uses multimedia wisely and creates stunning videos and stories about schools to make it easier for parents to decide the entire school. You can browse through these cool and creative school website ideas for some inspiration. Some of these school website designs are award-winning designs from all over the world. Tell us your favorite School Website Design from your favorite collection and you are welcome to share your thoughts.

We have created some effective School Website Design ideas and inspirations that you need to keep in mind while designing.

Most school websites have the following basic information:

  • Calendar for school activities, school schedules, and bus schedules;
  • Policy details (ex: dres’s code, internet access, attendance);
  • School news on individual student achievements or group achievements;
  • Knowledge of school learning activities, including educational requirements, course descriptions, and prerequisite course work;
  • Information on extracurricular activities of the school (X: clubs and athletic programs);
  • Links to teacher web pages and contact information from staff and teachers;

Websites may also provide additional information including:

  • Links to out-of-school organizations or websites that support the school’s educational program (ex: College Board-Khan Academy)
  • Links to software that contains student data (newborn, PowerSchool, Google classroom)
    Links to forms (ex: permission slip, course registration, attendance waiver, transcript request, free and reduced lunch) that can reduce costly reproduction of paper copies;
  • Boards of education resources such as contact information for board members, meeting minutes, agendas and meeting schedules;
  • District policies, such as those policies on data privacy;
  • Photographs of students and faculty;
  • To exchange a calendar of news and events such as a forum or discussion page for teachers, administrators, students and parents;
    Links to school social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

If you develop your school website from our company, then we will provide you the services given below.

We Provide Services
Dynamic School Website

Website+Hosting+SSL Certificates

Project Cost: Rs.4,999/-

• Unlimited Page
• Unlimited Space Web Hosting
• Admin Panel
• C- Panel
• Unlimited Images & Videos
• Unlimited (Bandwidth/ Space)
• Logo Design
• Banner Slider
• Inquiry Form
• Business Email id
• Live Chat Integration
• Social Media Integration
• Easy SEO Friendly
• Google Map
• Mobile Responsive Design

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